Marketing Mastery Toolkit

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This package combines the most important tools to get your business going and growing. While you may not need a digital marketing agency or don’t need a new web or social media presence, our Business Marketing Mastery Toolkit includes templates you need for month-over-month growth.

The Marketing Toolkit Includes:

  • Business Plan Template and Guide – you may already have a Business Plan written however our template is a streamlined version to help you focus on your key USPs (Unique Selling Proposition) and how to grow sales. This short-form plan will help your business get focused and also is useful for sales and investor presentations.
  • Marketing Plan Template and Guide – our Marketing Plan Template and Guide helps to get your business organized on what your key marketing objectives should be, how to allocate your budget, and how to achieve your sales goals through digital marketing.
  • Email Marketing Templates – 5 templates for emails to leads, existing customers and prospects that convert them into buyers.
  • Press Release Templates – 4 press release templates and a guide to how to write effective press releases and how to distribute them to get press coverage.
  • TV / Radio Pitching Templates – 3 proven templates to sending pitches about your company and products to producers of TV news, radio, podcast and online video programs to get your company airtime.
  • Influencer Outreach Guide – Connecting with Instagram, Twitter and YouTube influencers are an essential strategy to brand awareness and sales. Our Guide breaks down how to find the right influencers for your business and connect with them.
  • BONUS! Free Tools to Grow Your Business – As a bonus, we’re including videos on how to use key online tools to help you create compelling content, automate your social media posts and grow your followers.

NOTE: You will receive a link to access your Business Marketing Mastery Toolkit after completing purchase.


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